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Webinar Delivered 28th April 2023

Hypochlorous Acid - a naturally-occurring biocide largely unknown to society and shunned by industry and regulators alike

The HOCl Trust is a small UK charity which firstly seeks to develop a greater appreciation of the unique properties of HOCl so that all can benefit from cleaner and safer water; enhanced cleanliness of primary food products; less environmental pollution and reduced reliance on the current range of anti-microbial materials. Secondly, it aims to position itself as a reliable, authoritative, unbiased and independent source of information on HOCl that is available to everyone - interested public, students, academics and industry alike.

This presentation by the Trustees outlines what Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is, what it does, how it works; and what the real-life applications are for this remarkable molecule. HOCl has applications in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, dentistry and healthcare, food production, manufacturing, disinfection, water sanitisation and disaster relief ...but it is largely overlooked in favour of patented products.

The presentation will describe the work of the HOCl Trust in promoting the use of HOCl (especially in the spring of 2020 to have HOCl adopted by hospitals and keyworkers to safely bring the pandemic to an abrupt end) and how everybody can access this extraordinary molecule for use in their homes to reduce their reliance on more toxic and environment-impacting chemicals.

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