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HOCl Uses

Current Commercial Uses of HOCl

  • HOCl's predominant use is for water purification purposes.
  • HOCl is widely used in hospitals for sterilising delicate hospital equipment such as endoscopes.
  • HOCl is currently commercially used to eradicate Legionella and pseudomonas in public service water systems such as in over 100 NHS Hospitals, many international hotels, and Wembley Stadium as examples.
  • HOCl has been adopted by a leading UK Pharmaceutical company for treatment of wounds such as leg ulcers. Gained MHRA recognition as a topical medicine.
  • HOCl has been adopted by Equine and pet health care providers for broken skin injuries.
  • HOCl is used in US supermarkets for fresh fruit and vegetable washing and misting.

Common Domestic Uses of HOCl

  • Surface decontamination - work tops, food prep areas and equipment, bathroom handles, door knobs, all touch-contaminated objects.
  • Baby play areas, feed bottles & equipment etc.
  • Sterilise toothbrushes and other dental care equipment.
  • Replace many harmful and toxic chemicals typically kept under kitchen sinks.
  • In dishwashers or washing machines, fridge or freezer.
  • Sanitise contaminated laundry.
  • Fogging enclosed atmospheres to combat airborne viruses should they hit, such as bird flu etc.

Fresh Food & Produce

Decontaminates. Prolongs shelf life, reduces odours in storage areas. Reduces risk of upset stomach from badly washed raw produce.

On the Person

  • Hand wash
  • Cuts and abrasions heal much faster. Post-operative stitching. All infected wounds including Venous Leg Ulcers
  • Can help calm acne and other skin complaints. Athletes foot, verrucas and warts; cold sores (Herpes). Nail fungal infections (slow process).
  • Underarm or personal deodorant. Gargle and mouthwash - Thrush, Gingivitis
  • Eye infections (diluted)

Animals & Pets

  • Any wounds and skin problems, as for humans. Ringworm, mud fever, foot rot, sarcoids, eye infection (diluted).
  • Deodorant.
  • Sanitise cages, hutches, beds etc.


  • Any visible fungal contamination.
  • Use as leaf wipe or spray.